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Ravines Wine Cellars

Spring Revelry 2023 - 5/5 4pm

Members are invited to the winery to try each of the four seasonal wines paired with the foods created by Chef Lisa Hallgren of the Ravinous Kitchen. Each Revelry is held at different times, locations and in different formats for the convenience of our members.


Cocktail-style tasting format with bites of each of the four dishes served with a tasting of each wine.  

The recipes are prepared with fruits, vegetables, cheeses and dairy from our local farms and the meats are ethically grown here in the Finger Lakes. Each of the recipes for the foods are included in the member's seasonal newsletter. 



Ravines Wine Cellars, Geneva Tasting Room

400 Barracks Rd. Geneva, NY 14456


Friday, May 5, 2023

4 p.m. - 5 p.m.


Please make sure you book 2 tickets if you are coming as 2 people.


Due to spacing, if you are attending a revelry event, you are not allowed to also book a complimentary tasting.


Members may book 2 tickets for of the complimentary quarterly events as we want to have space for as many Ravinous members as possible.


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/ Geneva Fri 5/5 4pm - 5pm
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